Investigating disagreement in the scientific literature

Lamers, W. S., Boyack, K., Larivière, V., Sugimoto, C. R., van Eck, N. J., Waltman, L., & Murray, D. (2021). ELife, 10, e72737.

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Credibility of scientific information on social media: Variation by platform, genre and presence of formal credibility cues

Boothby, C., Murray, D., Waggy, A. P., Tsou, A., & Sugimoto, C. R. (2021). Quantitative Science Studies, 2(3), 845–863.

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The latent structure of national scientific development [Pre-print]

Miao, L., Murray, D., Jung, W.-S., Larivière, V., Sugimoto, C. R., & Ahn, Y.-Y. (2021). ArXiv:2104.10812 [Cs].


Avoiding bias when inferring race using name-based approaches [Pre-print]

Kozlowski, D., Murray, D. S., Bell, A., Hulsey, W., Larivière, V., Monroe-White, T., & Sugimoto, C. R. (2021). ArXiv:2104.12553 [Physics].

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A breeding pool of ideas: Analyzing interdisciplinary collaborations at the Complex Systems Summer School

Brown, J., Murray, D., Furlong, K., Coco, E., & Dablander, F. (2021). PLOS ONE, 16(2), e0246260.

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Unsupervised embedding of trajectories captures the latent structure of mobility [Pre-print]

Murray, D., Yoon, J., Kojaku, S., Costas, R., Jung, W.-S., Milojević, S., & Ahn, Y.-Y. (2020). ArXiv:2012.02785 [Physics].

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Exploring the personal and professional factors associated with student evaluations of tenure-track faculty

Murray, D., Boothby, C., Zhao, H., Minik, V., Bérubé, N., Larivière, V., & Sugimoto, C. R. (2020). PLOS ONE, 15(6), e0233515.

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The many faces of mobility: Using bibliometric data to measure the movement of scientists. Journal of Informetrics

Robinson-Garcia, N., Sugimoto, C. R., Murray, D., Yegros-Yegros, A., Larivière, V., & Costas, R. (2019). 13(1), 50–63. https:


Author-Reviewer Homophily in Peer Review

Murray, D., Siler, K., Larivière, V., Chan, W. M., Collings, A. M., Raymond, J., & Sugimoto, C. R. (2019). BioRxiv, 400515.

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A Global Comparison of Scientific Mobility and Collaboration According to National Scientific Capacities

Chinchilla-Rodríguez, Z., Miao, L., Murray, D., Robinson-García, N., Costas, R., & Sugimoto, C. R. (2018). Frontiers in Research Metrics and Analytics, 3.


Measuring the stability of scientific collaboration

Bu, Y., Murray, D. S., Ding, Y., Huang, Y., & Zhao, Y. (2018). Scientometrics, 114(2), 463–479.


Understanding persistent scientific collaboration

Bu, Y., Ding, Y., Liang, X., & Murray, D. S. (2018). Journal of the Association for Information Science and Technology. 69(3), 438–448.


Scientists have most impact when they’re free to move

Sugimoto, C. R., Robinson-Garcia, N., Murray, D. S., Yegros-Yegros, A., Costas, R., & Larivière, V. (2017). Nature, 550(7674), 29.